The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

A Historical Fiction Best-Seller Written in 2007 by Markus Zusak.

A Historical Fiction Best-Seller Written in 2007 by Markus Zusak.

This book was a lot different from the past books I have read and blogged about. For one, it is not a series. Second, it is a serious, historical fiction novel. My feelings about it… absolutely loved it!
First, I think you need a little insight about me. I am not the most serious person in the world, I enjoy a good laugh and you will never catch me winning, or even competing in, a history competition. I do not enjoy history – never have, maybe someday will. This book, which again, I enjoyed, contained serious, historical references and made me feel for each character individually. It made me realize how it felt to be involved in World War II and the Nazi movement. I absolutely enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone as a must-read! Therefore, this summary may be different from those I have written in the past.

I decided that this is a book that I do not want to give much away, so my backgrounder will brief.
The Book Thief, as you may have already guessed, is about a girl who likes to steal books. Shocker! Liesel found a passion in books, and the concept of them overall, even when she did not have the capabilities to read or write. Somehow, the look of a book spoke to her and she found her true passion.
I know what you may be thinking… “Sounds like a boring book. A girl who just reads books that she steals.” You could not be more wrong. The Book Thief is about finding a true passion and a focus amidst all things depressing and despairing.  Liesel lost her biological family, lived in Germany during the Nazi revolution, befriended a Jew and lived off of nearly nothing with a poor family. Her father, who had a fourth grade reading level, stepped up and taught her how to read so that she could find some peace throughout all this chaos.
The Book Thief was an inspirational story that is well-worth the read. I would hate to spoil any of the plot on this fantastic page turner, so I will end my preview there.
I hope you read this book and contribute to my discussion page once you have done so. I am eager to discuss some serious questions with you all, and I can’t wait for this journey to continue with all The Book Thief has to offer.


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