About the Bookworm

Hello fellow readers. My name is Nicole Halpin and I am a recent college graduate. As some of you may already personally know… it is very hard to crack the job market right now. Therefore, I decided to pick up a book I was wanting to read. Then I wanted to read more from that author. The next thing you know, I have access to my mother’s Kindle and I am flying through all sorts of books. This is my journey through books that I have read randomly or chosen specifically.

To those that don’t read that often: I am excited to share these books with you so that you can know the inside scoop of how each plot unfolds.

To those crazy readers that never put down their book: I hope that we can have some amazing discussions on what you think of each book.

Please feel free to comment on each post on what you think. I would love for this to be interactive!



  1. Over summer vacation, I love reading books. Based on your synopsis of Dark Places I was interested in reading it. I went to the store and looked for author Flynn and saw 2 books but forgot the name. I need up reading both and loved them both. I want to see if you want to read the other. The author is Beth Flynn and the book, Nine Minutes. It’s about a motorcycle gang who kidnaps a teen and what goes on with her going from captor to part of gang. Set in Florida. It is not as much a mystery, but you do become involved with the characters like you do in Dark Places.
    Thanks again for your blog and discussions.

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