Discussion- Divergent by Veronica Roth

A Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Written in 2012  by Veronica Roth.

A Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Written in 2012 by Veronica Roth.

*Note- This post continues the writing from the Book Summaries page. Please read for previous details.*

Once again, another book that I seemed to have fallen in love with. If only I weren’t so ADD, I could read one author then move onto the next, but where would the fun in that be?

Divergent was interesting because, I am not sure if you have been there, but it is based in Chicago. They don’t really hint at the time frame or what happened to Chicago as we know it, but this makes the setting easy to visualize. I think the details the author uses throughout the book are so specific that the movie is going to have a tough time keeping up to par. I did read a movie review though that said the director’s focus was on maintaining the structure of the book and creating similar details so that readers would be proud of his work. Personally, I refused to read many more reviews than that because I plan on watching the movie here shortly now that I have finished the book.

So, here are my questions for those that have watched/planned on watching the Divergent movie and read the book. I would like to see a variety of opinions regarded the movie/book and if you have seen both that would be even better. The following are my discussion questions for those Divergent fans out there. Please feel free to answer one or all if you can!

  1. Do you think that you would’ve kept it a secret as well as Beatrice did if you were a Divergent?
  2. Do you think the book would’ve been better/worse with a third person narrator instead of Beatrice?
  3. Which faction do you think you would’ve fit with the best? As a reminder, they are Abnegation(the selfless), Amity(the peaceful), Candor(the honest), Dauntless(the brave) or Erudite(the intelligent).
  4. Which was better: the book or the movie? Why?
  5. What are the main differences from the book compared to the movie? Which contains more details for the viewer/reader?
  6. Due to all the Hunger Games controversy of them being the same content, did you think this book/movie was better than the Hunger Games?


If you have any other questions that come to mind, to hesitate to ask them. It is a discussion after all!


Divergent by Veronica Roth

A Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Written in 2012  by Veronica Roth.

A Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Written in 2012 by Veronica Roth.

I finally did it. I finally conformed with the norm for once! After battling at the library for weeks, I got my hands on Divergent from one of my friends. Did I mention this was my first actually book from my blog series that was not an e-book? That might have had a thing or two to do with my insatiably fast reading skills this time around, or maybe it was the content. I can proudly say that I finished this book in three short days. When I first started my blog, this meant I had no job and needed an outlet for all my built up energy. Now, I am steadily managing three part-time jobs and dominated Divergent.

This book is a must-read! It doesn’t matter if you prefer romance, comedy, action, drama or maybe even picture books because Divergent is for everyone! I can honestly say I believe any age/gender can read this book with excitement and hate to put it down… why else would they be making it a family film?!

So, time for the main plot to talk you into reading it, if I haven’t done so already. Beatrice, a girl from the faction Abnegation, is the main character. On the day that she turned 16, she was finally allowed to take an Aptitude test. This test suggests to members of all factions where they would best belong. Since Beatrice was not the most selfless person, which Abnegation was known for, she expected to find a different result to her test. This would mean that she could leave her family and switch to be initiated into a different faction. Each faction has a duty they do: whether it be control the government, assist with farming or provide means for military personnel.

Beatrice did not even come close to predicting what result she would get. As the book is so cleverly named, Beatrice was told on Aptitude testing day that she was what they call Divergent. This means she does not belong in one particular place but instead contains a mixture of multiple talents and personality traits.

In my mind, this would be a great thing to have. People that tend to advance in the world are good at multiple tasks and can’t thrive with one talent. However, if you are Divergent, it is not something to be proud of. It is like a birth defect or a disease that you have to keep hidden… or else (Dun dun dun…). But really, being categorized as Divergent in the past has led to people being murdered since they are seen as outcasts and superior to the rest. Beatrice has a tough decision to make on which faction she wants to commit her life to. She could stay at home and be unhappy her whole life, or she can make a change that will hopefully be for the better.

What will Beatrice choose? Will her “secret identity” stay a secret?
I can’t wait to discuss this book with you on my discussion/spoilers page to follow!