Spoiler- The Racketeer by John Grisham

A Legal Thriller Written in 2012 by Josh Grisham.

A Legal Thriller Written in 2012 by Josh Grisham.

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So, we left off with Malcolm wanting to use Rule 35 to his advantage. Well, he did it! Malcolm gave the full story of his old inmate, Quinn Rucker, who confessed to bribing the judge to submit the verdict in his favor. As you can probably guess, odds were not in his favor considering he was in prison with Malcolm. The judge took the bride, sentenced him to jail and kept the cash without any record or proof of it happening. Quinn wanted revenge for the judge’s thievery so he escaped from prison, hid out under a different name, killed off the judge and took his cash. The only proof the FBI had as Malcolm’s testimony and then Quinn’s confession that he repeatedly recanted.

As for Malcolm, once he gave up his side of the story, the prion let him go free, supplied him with plastic surgery, provided him with the reward money of $150,000 and helped him settle in to the witness protection program under the name of Max Bannister. The feds quickly found out that Quinn was tracking Malcolm and wanting revenge by having his brother kill him so there is no testimony against him. Malcolm did not trust the government, considering he was sentenced for ten years even though he was not guilty, and fled from them begging for them to not follow him and draw more attention to himself.

Max finally had the time to meet up with Vanessa, enjoy white sand beaches and commence his secret plan he had all along since years before his freedom. It is clear soon after that Max and Vanessa have had this planned for years. Max sets up a fake production company and targets Nathan Cooley, an ex-inmate that had a brother killed by the DEA. Max, who is unrecognizable from Malcolm, tells Nathan that he is doing a documentary on the DEA’s corrupt system and he is 100% in from the start.

As things progress, Max flies Nathan out on a private jet for a business trip to Miami. On the flight, Max drinks Nathan under the table and then drugs him once he is passed out. When Max awakens, he is in a Jamaican hospital surrounded by cops questioning him about his stash of drugs, a gun from his bag, his fake passport in his pocket and no sign on Max.

Max, after a day had passed, found Nathan in prison and said that there was a huge storm, blamed the pilot on not filling up with more gas, that they had an unexpected landing in Jamaica and that he will try to get him out as soon as possible. Nathan, a white man, was brutally attacked in prison and odds were not in his favor of lasting more than a week in the horrendous conditions of the Jamaican jail. He pleaded Max to go to his house, find a stash of hidden gold in his back yard, send some to bail him out and in return Max could get half of the gold Nathan had.

Well, Max/Malcolm knew that Nathan had this gold since he was actually the one that knew the judge had money hidden in a safe. Quinn was in on the scandal the entire time and played the part of the criminal well. Max recanted his claim of Quinn being the criminal and promised to share with the FBI the true story now that the gold was in his possession.

In the end, Max, Vanessa, Quinn and Dee Ray (Quinn and Vanessa’s brother) all were in on the plan and split the gold… all $8 million of it. The murdered judge actually was given the gold for a case dealing with a huge mining company and Nathan was just a greedy neighbor boy who found out about the stash and wanted it all for himself. It doesn’t state how things ended with Nathan but hinted that he would easily take an American jail sentence over his situation in Jamaica.

This story was great to see how the government works with criminals! I would highly suggest this to many reader out there… which explains why it was under the “popular books” tab.

Share any thoughts you had on this book. I would be glad to discuss it more or supply more details.


The Racketeer by John Grisham

A Legal Thriller Written in 2012 by Josh Grisham.

A Legal Thriller Written in 2012 by Josh Grisham.

After years borrowing books through my mother’s Kindle or buying books myself, I finally made a trip to the public library and am an official member. Now, the options are endless on what I would like to read. With no clear direction, I clicked a tab that led me to the most popular books currently. I really wanted to read the Divergent Series but these were unattainable… I was around 200 on the waiting list.

Therefore, I read The Racketeer. Since I clearly have no criminal or law background, this book was quite the educational experience for me. I read the author’s note at the end and realize that this is a fictional book, but it is insane to see what life for a convicted criminal would be like.

The book begins with a man named Malcolm Bannister who was a lawyer in Virginia that was caught up in a huge scandal. Malcolm truly was innocent, but since there were government officials caught up in the scandal and proven guilty, he was not going to walk away easily. With a ten-year jail sentence, Malcolm filled his time “practicing” law by advising his fellow inmates on how to plead their cases to get out of jail early. He also managed the library as his career in prison, so between the two he kept his mind fresh on the practice and all that is happening outside the prison walls.

Being in prison for five years already, and with five more to go, Malcolm was desperately craving a woman’s touch. His wife left him soon after his arrest claiming it was too hard for her and their son. One woman who visited her brother in prison, Vanessa had a mutual attraction to Malcom. (Keep her in mind for later on in the story.)

One day, since Malcolm had been following the local reports, there was an article about a federal judge being murdered at his lake house on the weekend. There was evidence of a robbery due to an open safe, but other than that there were no prints or methods in which the FBI could track down the criminal. This was Malcolm’s one and only shot of getting out! He claimed to know the name and alibi behind a past inmate that supposedly killed the judge. According to Rule 35, if an inmate gives up information to a larger crime, their sentence length could be renegotiated. Malcolm decided the time has come to rat out a past inmate that asked him for legal advice and shared a motive with him so that he could, in return, be freed from the government’s arms.

So, things to keep in mind before you read…
Will Malcolm successfully be freed from the prison?
Will his past inmate come after him for revenge?
Will Malcolm finally get to be in the relationship he eagerly craves?
What will happen next!

I can’t wait to discuss the happenings of The Racketeer! Please view the spoilers page to read on about what happens as the plot thickens!